Sunday, August 27, 2006

ComAir 5191

A tragedy. 49 fatalities with just 1 survivor. Plane crashes don't happen everyday but often enough to not stay in the headlines very long. We'll see how the nation and the media respond to this one.

The initial reports indicate the jet took off from the wrong runway. Blue Grass Airport near Lexington, KY has a short non-commercial runway and a longer one for commercial flights. What went wrong? How could the pilot, co-pilot, and control tower all miss this?

Sometimes you try to do the right thing but the problem is that you are one the wrong path. I'm sure the pilot was capable of doing his job. I'm sure he had flown the CRJ-200 many times. I'm sure that he did everything just like he always did. I'm sure he was doing the right thing regarding the take-off. He was just on the wrong runway. If he had been on the longer runway this never would have happened.

Our lives are like that, too. Not only do we have to do the right thing but we have to be on the right path. Miss either of those critical components and disaster awaits. That's how important it is to make sure we are following Christ closely. Veer just a little to the right or left and it's a disaster - even when you are doing the right thing. Or follow the right path but take the wrong action - again, disaster.

You can't be too careful.