Thursday, April 24, 2008

Growing Old

I don’t think of myself as being young or old, just somewhere in the middle. This month is a reminder of my aging. My birthday is the first week of May, my oldest son graduates college the first weekend of May, and the same son is getting married the last day of May. It’s going to be an a-MAY-zing month!


What’s really amazing is that God wants to be part of our lives at all these different stages. As I get older I am reminded that Heaven is closer now than ever before. Thinking about Heaven is exciting. But I also have to remember that while I am here on earth I have specific instructions to share the message of salvation in Jesus Christ. The Bible tells me that God’s Spirit is with me as I obey his command.


As the students pass through the portal of graduation into a new aspect of life, they will find that God wants to be part of their lives, too. Decisions about colleges and careers can seem overwhelming. As parents, we should teach our children to discover God’s plan before making major decisions. It will make all the difference in the world later on.


Nothing is as life changing as marriage. Was that an “Amen!” I heard? Including God in the formation of the marriage helps increase the likelihood that the marriage will last. Christians are not perfect, but we do have a source of strength and wisdom in God. His strength enables us to stay in a marriage and work out the problems. His wisdom guides us away from potential problems before they happen and through existing problems. Marriage is a wonderful gift from God and is a blessing when founded upon his love.


Your life is probably a lot like mine. Opportunities to trust God are plenty. So are chances to blow it.