Saturday, December 18, 2010

Lame Duck Session of Congress

Let's see...

Tax reductions are extended for all income brackets. That's a good thing because it allows Americans to keep their money. The government is not efficient nor equipped to do much of what they try to do. Let the government field a military and other entities to protect the public. Let the government maintain national infrastructure. Let the people and free markets take care of everything else. In order to do that the people must keep more of their money rather than send it to the government. Now the government must reduce spending. A balanced budget must accompany lower taxes.

The DREAM Act is dead. This was viewed as an attempt at amnesty for many illegals. We need to protect our borders. We need to deport illegals. We will be better off by spending our money to achieve these goals rather than spending to educate and medicate them.

"Don't Ask, Don't Tell" has been repealed. In the early years in the Clinton Administration, the president and Congress struck a deal on gays in the military. Up until that time, gays were not allowed to serve. The compromise, known as "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" allowed gays to serve as long as nobody knew they were gay. The military could not ask. The gays just had to keep it a secret from their commanding officers. What happened in Congress then was the first step toward what happened today.

Conservative Christians could look at this week as a "Win" because we got two out of three. But the biggest concern for us should have been the advancing of the homosexual agenda - and we lost on that one. I'm not diminishing the importance of smaller government (we haven't won anything on this yet) and lower taxes. People should take control of their own lives rather than allowing someone else to give you everything.

That opinion does not fly in the face of grace. Grace is where God gives us something we could in know possible way gain for ourselves. Welfare, entitlements, or handouts give people a reason to not work and get things for themselves. That's not the case 100% of the time so we'll always need some form of welfare, but it's gotten out of hand in the US. Take responsibility, people, and stop taking the handouts!

There is also a conservative Christian perspective on immigration. The US must be careful how it lets people in. And the laws governing this must be followed. Is that unbiblical? I don't think so. God is very careful about who is considered part of his family. The rules are very strict about getting in. Read the New Testament and you'll see that God is careful about how aliens are treated - welcome if they follow the rules.

And the Bible is clear about homosexuality. It is a sin. Since it is a sin, it is forgive-able but it is not OK. Albert Mohler wrote an article that lays out the Christian perspective on the repeal of DADT. Please take a look at it.

I like what Rep. Boenher said last week. He will not compromise, he will look for common ground. Compromise is always lose/lose. Common ground is the only way to get to the right answers.

And I like what Mike Huckabee said about the lame duck session of Congress. He said Congress should ends every session at the election. No session of Congress until January 1 (or whenever) the following year with the newly elected congressmen. That would put an end to stuff like this. The new Congress would have extended the tax cuts, stopped the DREAM Act, and left "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" alone.

Monday, December 06, 2010

"Dandy" Don

Don Meredith passed away today at the age of 72. He suffered a stroke a few years ago, had emphysema, and died of brain hemorrhage.
You may remember him as the quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys. I don't. Roger Staubach was the first Cowboys QB I remember. But Meredith was a Cowboy legend having earned a spot in the team's ring of honor.
He retired from playing at age 31 and moved into ABC's Monday Night Football booth next to Frank Gifford and Howard Cosell. That's how I remember "Dandy" Don. Football was different then. And football broadcasts were different. Those three men captivated this young boys imagination and cultivated love for the game At least, for the game as it was then.
I watched Sunday Night Football last night and really got a sick feeling watching the players showboat and try to hurt each other. Maybe that was also part of the game 40 years ago but this young boy couldn't see it. Many players today make more money in one year than the best players did then in their entire careers. All professional sports has taken the same turn…for the worse, in my opinion.
But MNF with "Dandy" Don was a weekly event that drew attention to what has now become an icon in America's game. By the way, it saddens me to call the NFL "America's game" because I am a huge baseball fan. But the truth is the truth.
I guess Madden came closer than anyone else in being the character/icon that Meredith was. He is my favorite football announcer because he was part of the scene when I began loving football. It's a sad even but one that takes me back to happy times.
"Turn out the lights, the party's over."
I wonder if Don Meredith was a Christian. Nothing he could accomplish in football matters to him right now. The only thing that matters is whether he embraced Jesus as Savior and Lord before he died.
It's the same for me and you. Embrace the Light of the World before the lights on your party go out.