Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Golf & Bowling...I'm lousy at both

I watched a lot of ABC's The Wide World of Sports when I was growing up.  Every Saturday morning I would watch a few cartoons then settle in for Cowboy Bill Watts, Skandar Akbar, Mr. X and others on wrestling on Channel 4.  That would be followed by the Major League Baseball Game of the Week with Joe Garigiola and Tony Kubek.  Please excuse my spelling of any of these names!

I watched the Summer and Winter Olympics every four years.  The first Olympic heroes I remember are Mark Spitz and Franz Klammer.  I remember Dr. J and his exciting dunks.  The undefeated Miami Dolphins.  I was at the 1976 Cotton Bowl with Arkansas v. Georgia.

I'm one of those guys who can watch, listen, or participate in sports constantly.  Trouble is...I'm no good at any of them.  For example, my average in golf is about the same as my average in bowling.  That's not good for either sport.

I thought I could pick up snow skiing pretty easily - afterall I idolized Franz Klammer - but I broke my leg on the bunny slopes.  That's not good.

I like playing softball but when I'm in the outfield there better be two cutoff men in order to get the ball back to the infield.  That's not good.

I was the deep snapper in high school football.  I was the guy who snapped the ball to the punter.  My record is 35 yards in the air...over the punter's head.  That's not good.

I've decided that most sporting events require too much preparation and skill and fitness.  I'd rather watch on TV or listen on the radio or sit in the stands.

You know what?  I'm OK with not being any good at all that.  But I won't be satisfied if I'm no good when it comes to serving the Lord.  I'm willing to put in the preparation, develop the skills, and get spiritually fit.  How 'bout you?