Tuesday, September 02, 2008

David McLemore

My friend and mentor died of cancer Sunday morning. I’ve not been in contact with David as much as I would have liked in recent years due to his service in Iraq and his motorcycle accident. But his mark is clearly on my life.

David was pastor of Second Baptist Church in Russellville for 21 years. During that time, I stumbled into the church after a divorce had left me suicidal at times and discouraged most of the time. I had issues with my past that I didn’t know how to handle. SBCR embraced me, helped me, put me to use and back on the track to preaching the gospel. If churches really are a reflection of their pastors, then SBCR was a reflection of David McLemore’s heart. I thank God for all of them and for him.

Knowing my past, he encouraged me to pursue my seminary education. He let me serve in leadership. He let me preach from his pulpit. Now that I am a pastor, I understand the significance of that act.

When Deana and I first began noticing each other, David came to me and said, “If anything happens between you two, that’s alright with me.” I had accepted the possibility that I might never have a one-flesh mate but David told me it was OK. He would later marry us. He told us that we had to promise him that if we ever considered divorce we would come talk with him first. We are doing very well in our marriage, but it’s a sobering thought to know the safety net is gone.

My life is different because of David McLemore and SBCR. “Love’s Second Home” is my home until I join David in heaven.