Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Are You Ready?

I don't know if the economy is rebounding or not. Some gurus say it is and others warn of another drop in the market. And since we live in a world economy, the stuff going on in Libya and the disaster in Japan make the future more uncertain.

But I do know one thing: God is God. He's present. He's loving. He's in control. He's able. He's my savior. He's my Lord. He's coming again.

Is all the instability around the planet the beginnings of birth pains signaling the end of time? I've read articles claiming just that. The Bible does say that wars, rumors of wars, famine, earthquakes, etc., will signal the end just like contractions indicate the soon arrival of a new baby.

The Bible also says that we cannot know or predict accurately when Jesus will return. The timeline of the past 2000 years is dotted with failed predictions. And disasters have always been with us. I do believe that conditions on earth are right for the Lord's return, as best as I can interpret the Bible and the times. But I cannot say that this is THE right time.

I like the way Jesus and Paul talked about all the predicting. They both said to be prepared and to help others be prepared. So rather than spend all my time trying to figure out whether or not Jesus is about to return, I'm going to do all I can to make sure others are ready for his return.

Are you ready? When Jesus comes he will gather all those who have believed in him for salvation - living and dead. For the living, this will be the first moment when accepting Christ will not be an option. For the dead, well, they lost the opportunity when they breathed their last breath. Since we do not know when Jesus will return or when we will die, we must take this moment very seriously. Are you ready?

I'd love to help you or answer any questions you may have. Please reply.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Defending the Gospel

Let me put this out upfront: I have not read Rob Bell's new book Love Wins.

But I have read a few reviews and hundreds of headlines.

Seems that Bell denies the reality of hell. So what? Well, if hell does not exist is heaven a myth, too? If hell does not exist is there any reason to repent of our sin and turn to Christ? If hell does not exist is the gospel relevant at all?

The biblical response is that hell is reall and so is heaven. Repentance and turning to Christ is necessary for salvation. The gospel is relevant.

I'd like to see more splash in the news and on the social networks about the "Good News" and men and women who are getting the gospel to people around the world.

I'm not against all the people who are talking about Bell. This is a real-life application of the illustration many preachers have used at one time or another. How do authorities train agents to identify counterfeit currency? Not by examining the fake bills but by examining the real thing so closely that a counterfeit is obvious.

Rob Bell's gospel is a counterfeit and all the noise is the legitimate reaction.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Ready for Change

Don't let the title of this entry fool you. The change I'm ready for is a change in my heart. I want to be closer to the Lord. I want to be more available to him for his work. I want to know him better and reflect him better.

So I'm ready for change. I just am not sure exactly how or when it will come. I'd like to experience all these things right now. But maybe I'm just not ready for it. My relationship with Christ is precious to me but I can grow. I will put myself in the hand of the Spirit and allow him to do with me whatever he will. I'm ready.

Prayer will be a key. Bible study will be a key. Witnessing will be a key. Serving will be a key.

Starting now is mandatory. Will you join me?