Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Bold Predictions

Any day with baseball is a great day in my book. From the end of the World Series to the beginning of Spring Training is a long, long time.

We are in the midst of the League Championship Series with the World Series set to begin next week. Cleveland has a strong edge over Toronto in the American League. The Dodgers are slightly ahead of the Cubs for the National League pennant but the Cubs have been the best team in baseball all year.

Before the postseason started I picked Texas and LA to make the Series so I'll stick with LA over the Cubs. And I think Cleveland gets there, too.

The Dodgers haven't won since 1988. The Indians last won the Series in 1948. I will be OK with either team winning since my favorite team was eliminated a long, long time ago. But the Reds are building and might be a contender in a couple of years. I hope.

Here are my bold predictions. Dodgers over Cubs in 6. Indians over Blue Jays in 5. Dodgers over Indians in 6.

Now, concerning the 2016 Presidential Election, I'm not as enthusiastic. Unlike baseball where I can like the game even without particularly liking either team, I can't get too excited about this one. I don't like either candidate. I don't believe either candidate. I've hoped for a long, long time that neither would be the winner but that looks like a lost cause now.

I won't predict a winner because the American voters continue to shock me. But I will make a prediction. Whoever wins the election will move to the left of their campaign positions. For one of them you may think that's not possible. Isn't she as far left as possible. If it's possible to be further left, I think she'll make a go at it. And the other guy just doesn't come across as a conservative to me. I think I'll be disappointed no matter how it turns out.

Here's a prediction I'm sure of: Jesus is Lord and is coming again. This time he will reign in power and glory forever and ever. I can't wait!

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Pastor Appreciation 2016

Hardly a day goes by that I don't remember a few men who have impacted my life as a pastor. Certainly, during Pastor Appreciation Month I think of their influence.

Bobby Loyd was my pastor growing up. He helped me come to Jesus and start along the path of following the Lord. About 35 years have passed since I sat under his preaching regularly but I still recall some of the things he said but mostly how he said them.

Wylie Jones was the first pastor I served under. He worked a full-time job with overtime but spent as many hours visiting in the community as any pastor I know. He loved the people and was passionate about the gospel.

David McLemore was the pastor who caught me in the most broken time of my life. The church he led was full of people who loved me anyway. David was instrumental in my return to vocational ministry after running from it after my divorce.

Over the years I have made great friendships among pastors. They have taught me so much and I hope the churches I've served have felt it. Many of these men were much older than me. Some were much younger than me. Most were much wiser.

So, men, I appreciate you, love you, and thank God for you. I wish I had the money to give you all a gift card to your favorite steak house.