Thursday, October 30, 2008

Clinton's Threat

Did you hear what Bill Clinton said while he was in Arkansas earlier this week? He said Obama was going to win the election and Arkansans better vote for Obama if we didn’t want to be left out. I wonder, “Left out of what?”

One possible answer is that Arkansas would be left out of the list of states that elect Obama, if he wins. With the current electoral college system used to elect presidents, Arkansas’ EC votes will go to whoever wins the popular vote on November 4. In that regard, if McCain wins Arkansas but Obama wins the election, then we would be left out of the list of Obama states.

Another possible answer, and I think this is the right answer, is that Arkansas would be left out of the preferential treatment a President Obama would give to those who supported him. That is the typical Washington politics that Obama claims he wants to change, but the most powerful Democrat of my lifetime (JFK died 6 months before I was born) clearly implied that a vote for Obama would be rewarded. Just like those perpetually on the welfare rolls are rewarded for a vote for the liberals. Just like the cultural elite are rewarded (by being allowed to continue to produce their Hollywood smut without regulation) for their support. Just like the media are rewarded for hitting Conservatives hard and lobbing softballs to Liberals. Liberals, of which Obama is king, claim to want to help people but in reality only want to empower themselves by exchanging favors for votes.

The “change we need” is a return to Christian values like respect and fairness, goodness and righteousness.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Obama and Socialism reports that Barack Obama told a plumber that he doesn’t want to view a tax increase as exactly that but rather as a way to spread the wealth around. That means to take from those who have and give it to those who do not have. I’m all for helping the poor and needy; it’s the Christian thing to do. But the problem is when those receiving the handout don’t really need it or have grown so accustomed to it that they refuse to earn a living any other way. The Bible says that if a many doesn’t work he doesn’t eat. Laziness is condemned in the Bible. Certainly, there are those who are not lazy but cannot work; they need help. But I’m afraid the welfare roll is burdened with people who are lazy and will not work.

Socialism is easily defined: spreading the wealth around. Nobody really succeeds and failure is disguised. In truth, everyone fails when nobody is allowed to succeed.

I believe the conservative economic policy is the best policy. When people are given the freedom to invest and build wealth, everyone benefits. I may never be the tycoon or mogul, probably won’t be. But I have a choice of jobs because of them. I have income from those jobs to provide for my family. I enjoy the innovations they discover. I don’t have to be in the upper tier to enjoy the growth. I don’t have to get the tax incentives to benefit from them. I just have to live in a capitalistic society that allows and fosters financial freedom so that – at the least – I can live comfortably.

Be alert when you hear “innocent” words like “spreading the wealth around.”

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Working Out

I’ve been working out for a week because the sleep doctor explained how apnea affects so much more than just my sleep. For me, aggressive weight loss should help address many problems. So I’m doing it.

I’ve been lifting weights. I’m told that ten pounds of muscle will burn one pound a week just because it’s there.

I’ve been walking or riding the bike. Aerobics are not as important at this point as losing weight but aerobics will help some and at least I’ll be in the habit.

I’ve been eating less. That’s the hard part. Do you know how easy it is to drive through the fast food restaurant on the way home from the gym?

I haven’t seriously tried to lose weight in about 17 years. I haven’t worked out with weights in 25 years. But I like it. So maybe I’ll stay with it.

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Presidential Election

So much is at stake with your vote on November 4. The choice American’s make will set the stage for drastic changes in the landscape of our country and her politics. These economic times require further conservative principles; abandoning them would keep the United States from rebounding and growing. Cutting taxes and reducing federal spending in tandem will strengthen the US economy by stimulating job creation, boosting consumer confidence, increasing the value of the dollar in world markets, stabilizing the financial markets at home and abroad, and increasing wealth across the board.

We do not need a government bailout. Instead, we need the government to get out and stay out of our pocketbooks so we can purchase and consume and save and invest. Many Americans are capable of managing their own money in regard to health care and retirement. Those who aren’t should be able to opt into a government program providing barebones necessities. But only the barebones, don’t reward them for being irresponsible by giving them top shelf benefits. Regardless of what you heard during the debate last night, health care is NOT a right in the democratic republic that is the United States. Maybe healthcare is a right in socialist/communist countries where poverty and oppression are also “rights” that all citizen can enjoy. But we are talking about America…where our spirit of achievement drives us to be great.

I am disappointed in our highest leaders: the one in office and the two running for office. In chorus, they and others said that the rescue/bailout bill had to been done quickly because the American and world economies hung in the balance. Now, almost a week later, the markets are still unsteady and the noise coming from them is that the recovering will not be quick. I don’t get it: we had to do something quick but it will take months for it to work? We need change.

Conservatives must respond. A few in the Congress have stood firm, but not enough. Those who abandoned or have always rejected conservative fiscal policy should be voted out and replaced with men and women who will minimize the role of the federal government and create an atmosphere of hope and promise that will foster financial recovery and expansion. The resulting rising economy will lift all Americans who are willing to participate. Those who aren’t will have their hands out wanting someone (you and me through direct contribution or taxation) to rescue/bailout them. Almost 80 years of entitlement-focused government has raised generations who believe they are entitled. Some are accused of being born with a silver spoon in their mouths and others demand one of their own. America is better than that.

What we need is a Great Awakening across the fifty states and we need it within the next four weeks. People dedicated to Jesus Christ will establish a society that will foster achievement, excellence, and compassion. The most compassionate act a person can do is to fish for men. And it doesn’t matter who gets the credit as long as more people go to heaven and fewer people go to hell, to quote Emil Turner.

The next is to teach people that fishing for fish is better than begging for fish. A great wave of dedication to Jesus Christ will do that. People will want to help others help themselves. People will want to be financially stable. This will relax the burden on the taxpayers and allow them to invest and create economic momentum.

The alternative is to reject conservative principles and increase the burden on the taxpayers resulting in less investment and economic stagnation or downturn. The economy is a spiral that either builds upon freedom to expand or collapses on restrictions and greed. A combination of restricting freedom and greed brought us to where we are today. Again, turning to Christ will effectively deal with the problem of greed; loving our neighbor will eliminate the perceived need for the government to pull money from the economy.

Even in difficult political and economic times, Jesus is the answer. Which candidate do you think will give us the opportunity to implement biblical principles in American politics?