Thursday, July 23, 2009

Churches, Associations, and Conventions

The Sr. Adult Focus was a great time today. Thanks to the Pulaski Baptist Association (sponsor) and Calvary Baptist Church (host). Great things happen with churches work together! That’s what associations and conventions do: provide opportunity to do more together than we could do separately.


From missions and ministry to fellowship and worship, getting together with other churches is worthwhile. Be looking for another opportunity to get together with Cross Road Baptist Church, Holly Springs Baptist Church, and Martindale Baptist Church this Fall. We are planning a Fall Event that will include all age groups in worship, preaching, and fellowship spanning over five days. I believe God will do great things during these days!


Our partnership with TeamSOAR is Russia is possible because of our cooperative work through the Southern Baptist Convention. Please continue praying for a church plant in Talitsa where there is no Baptist work and very few evangelical Christians. CRBC, TeamSOAR, and other SBC churches will impact Talitsa and increase the Kingdom.


This week, a group of eleven from CRBC took a daytrip to Hope to visit the Hope Migrant Mission Center. Arkansas Baptists provide this great ministry to migrant farm workers traveling between the Rio Grande River valley and northern states to work in agriculture. These travelers can get clothing, snacks, and personal hygiene products. They can also relax and play while there. Great ministry led by Bob Williford and supported by CRBC and other churches of the Arkansas Baptist State Convention.


Cooperation is a hallmark of Southern Baptists. I’m glad we are part of the cooperative effort!

Saturday, July 18, 2009


I’m watching the TV show called Wipeout on ABC. I’ve seen the commercials but this is the first episode I’ve seen. So funny! People go through obstacle courses and most of them end up in the mud or water several times. There’s no way I could do it!


Real life is hard, too. Lots of obstacles and enemies trying to knock us off course and into the mud. But it’s not a game. It’s real. Satan is roaming the earth looking for those he can devour. And he’s good at it. He attacks us at home or at work, at school or with our friends. Too many Christians take hard shots every day.


So what’s the answer? The apostle Peter wrote that we have to be alert, look to the example of other believers, and trust the Lord. Those are not the easiest steps to take but they are guaranteed. I don’t understand why we want to try something easier or shortcut the truth. Try the right way instead of the shortcuts.

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Technology is rapidly advancing and changing how our world works. I can't seem to get enough of it. Blogs, Twitter, Facebook, website...

Saturday, July 04, 2009

World Famous Pancakes

The non-custodial dad has to find a way to make his four days a month count. Thus the evolution of the World Famous Pancakes. It’s a secret recipe full of hope. “I hope these turn out!” is always on my mind.

It’s probably not the pancakes themselves that are World Famous but rather the experience. The boys rarely saw Dad do much that was just for them. Don’t get me wrong, almost everything I did was just for them, they just didn’t see it. But they saw and helped on Saturday mornings – excuse me, on every-other-Saturday mornings – and a tradition was born. Perhaps I should say a tradition was borne.

A Dad will do just about anything to see his kids smiling and happy. I hope they also caught the flare and the style and the story. World Famous Pancakes are not just “breakfast,” but are really an event at the Loyd household. One of my high callings in life is that of family man; so I take this pretty seriously. And I hope I have passed along the important lesson that kids deserve a great Dad no matter what the circumstances may be. I hope I measure up.

Speaking of “measuring up,” I will now release my secret recipe for World Famous Pancakes. Nah!