Friday, May 19, 2017

Under Surveillance

As you may remember, several months ago I captured video of a military helicopter landing in our yard. A man got out and the helicopter left. I later learned this was a drug sting. By the way, I was not the object of the operation.

Yesterday a military helicopter flew around just above the treetops. My guess is that someone in the area is under surveillance. This reminds me that someone is always watching.

At Christmas-time the shopping malls are extra busy. The police set up a video monitoring system to keep watch over the parking lot looking for thieves.

At Back-to-School time the police will set up the little trailer carrying a radar gun and MPH display.

Recent global news reminds us that our email or phone conversations may be monitored.

Even the customer service line you call from time to time says the call may be monitored for quality and training purposes.

Someone is always watching. Do you think your smart phone or smart TV can really record video of what you are doing?

Bigger than all of these watchdogs is the fact that the God of Heaven and Earth and All Things is aware of everything you do. Some people actually consider His ability to know all things as a "watchdog" kind of thing. That's not his motive.

It's not that God is watching to see what you do wrong. He's watching to see when you need help. And he's always ready to help with the best help you can get. More help, better help than you can ask or imagine.

Because he loves you.

I'm not sure if the guy in the helicopter loves the guys growing dope. But I am sure that God loves you. He has a plan for your life that includes everything that is best for you.

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