Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Making Every Connection

I recently flew from Little Rock, Arkansas to Jacksonville, Florida with a connection in Baltimore, Maryland both ways. Southwest Airlines did a good job getting me there and back. The departure from Little Rock was delayed about 90 minutes and the connection in Baltimore was only ten minutes longer so I left Little Rock thinking I would have to sprint through the Baltimore airport. The Southwest folks in Little Rock told me I would have a seat on a later flight from Baltimore to Jacksonville, but that would put my arrival much later. So I was ready to hustle!

As we approached Baltimore the pilot notified us that we would be arriving about ten minutes early. Now my ten minutes to connect became twenty. I was relieved. After deboarding the plane and walking through the jetway into the terminal I checked the video screens for the Jacksonville flight information. It was delayed thirty minutes. Now my twenty minutes became fifty. I had time to relax, stop by the restroom, and enjoy a stroll through the Thurgood Marshall International Airport in Baltimore.

The fifty minutes then shrank to exactly the amount of time it took me to get from the arrival gate to the departure gate. I'm not sure how much that was. I'm convinced that Southwest was holding the departure from Baltimore so that the three of us connecting from Little Rock could make the flight. We took off a few minutes late, but not thirty minutes late. We arrived in Jacksonville right on time. Southwest Airlines did everything they could do to get me from Little Rock to Jacksonville via Baltimore as planned.

That makes me think about the security of my salvation. Once I accept Christ as my Savior he will do everything necessary to make sure I arrive in heaven after I die. Life may be uncertain or difficult along the way but God ultimately works around and through those things for my good and his glory. My salvation depends upon God's grace and my faith in him. His grace provides the means of salvation; my faith simply gets on board.

My journey to Florida and back may not be typical for those who travel by plane. Sometimes travelers miss connections. Sometimes jets have mechanical problems that delay flights. Sometimes weather brings havoc to the flight schedules. Sometimes a passenger waits too long in the restaurant. People miss flights for many reasons. People who place their faith in Jesus Christ for their salvation never miss heaven.

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